BMW X5 made of gold spotted in Moldova

BMW X5 Gold Moldova 1 BMW X5 made of gold spotted in Moldova

This is a BMW X5 all Gold has been sighted in Moldova In the city of Chisinau. The special car was parked in an anonymous way to town and immediately jumped in the eyes of passers-by, because in the country rarely seen such luxury cars. It is not yet clear whether it is a publicity stunt or just a lucky car enthusiast who was passing, but the car has been triggered the curiosity of the inhabitants. I exclusive designs in gold are nothing new for luxury cars, Especially in Arab countries, where the millionaires are racing to customize cars in ways most prestigious.

The uniqueness of the sighting is in the fact that BMW has been seen in Moldova, Eastern European country that certainly does not stand out as a place for millionaires. It is prestige car customization with mind-boggling are almost the norm in the streets of the rich Arab countries, where the pursuit of luxury is becoming more sophisticated. In Europe, however, is Russia the country that can boast a record number of billionaires? Just in Russia some time ago had already been spotted in gold BMW X5.

In reality, however, it was a black model in which the wealthy owner had decided to dress in gold, while having the car in Moldova has the entire body in gold. After the precious sight in the city is taken the search for the mysterious and rich owner of the car, but for which it is currently not leaked anything.

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