Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

Deluxe hotel in the world Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

Arriva, as every year the top ten most luxurious hotels in the world compiled by industry experts. To build this list, was taken into account by distinct factors Such as: the point of service if to users, the FURNISHINGS of the rooms and the site of the hotels deemed. Let’s see what the Ten Most luxurious hotels in the world are.

emirates hotel 1 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

1. Emirates Palace of Abu Dhabi- Consisting of 114 buildings in Arab trend, with domes in place of the ceiling, the hotel has a private beach twain gargantuan pools Surrounded by gardens, a fitness middle and auditorium seats from 1200.

hotel burj 2 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

2. Burj Al Arab of Dubai- in Arab Emirates This hotel classified as a 7-star is the tallest hotel in the world, where a night in the regal suite coast well $ 9,000.

hotel crown towers 3 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

3. Crown Towers of Macau- One of the tallest buildings on the island of Taipa L ‘hotel comprises 184 luxurious suites, each of which presents a splendid sight of the island, interior of which are plasma televisions and jacuzzi. Among the amenities we have a poolA spa private, and numerous restaurants and bars exclusive.

atlantis hotel dubai 4 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

4. Hotel Atlantis to Dubai- This super luxurious hotel is located on a synthetic island shaped like a palm and cost one night in this gorgeous hotel can reach 5900 euro.

Four Seasons Hotel 5 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

5. Four Seasons Hotel of Florence- L ‘hotel is an ideal conjunction of elegance and attraction, where wisely combine typical and modern style.

hotel peninsula 6 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

6. Peninsula Hotel to Hong Kong- This hotel was built in 1928 and is one of the most significant historic buildings in the urban. In 1994, the novel constitution of the hotel was added a tower 30 floors, over which was built an airstrip for helicopters, To carry clients from the rich to ‘Airport International Airport.

hotel empire 7 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

7. Empire Hotel & Country Club in the Sultanate of Brunei- Since its opening in October 2000, the Empire Hotel has become synonymous with the Sultanate: it reflects the fact stateliness and the cultural culture of the country. The hotel has 520 rooms, with furnishings luxury; we made marbles esteemed and gargantuan balconies with breathtaking views. Interior the hotel we can discover a cinema theater, a private beach and numerous pools, a tennis woo, spa and fully equipped with a Country Club the maximum level.

hotel tajumail 8 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

8. Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace- Located Jodhpur in India one of the largest palaces in the world. The beautiful hotel, which owes its title to Maharaja Umaid Singh, Grandfather of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, was built in 1943, after 15 years of work, and since then has become the official residence of the regal family. Designed by Henry Lanchester the palace is a ideal blend of Eastern and Western architecture, with interiors motivated by the trend art-deco.

hotel raffles 9 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

9. Raffles Hotel of Singapore- Built in 1887 is a paradise for travelers. Its attraction is the fruit of the union of classical and contemporary. Its architecture is graceful and timeless; it combines the contemporary inside luxury. In 1989, the Raffles Hotel underwent a renovation that lasted twain and half years. The fruit of this work are the 103 suite That wind up surrounded by four wings gardens aromatic, each luxuriously furnished to supply highest consolation. In addition, the hotel guests can delight a swimming pool, relaxation room, a little shop souvenirs A museum and spa.

Copacabana Palace Hotel 10 Deluxe Hotel In The World: The Top Ten

10. Copacabana Palace Hotel of Rio de Janeiro- Built in 1923; the hotel overlooks the legendary beach Copacabana. Its exterior architecture, with its facade covered with stucco, reminiscent of the ‘elegance and refinement of the buildings of the ’30s. Among the distinct services offered by the hotel we have tennis woo a pool semi-Olympic, a solarium and spa. Of the 226 hotel rooms, furnished luxurious with complements marble, skin and hardwood, half of them on the sea, with gorgeous balconies that permit you to breakfast, enjoying the ‘Atlantic Ocean.

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